Mr. Mehul mediratta, CEO of JPH Books, honored by the Honorable Home Minister of India, Mr.Rajnath Singh for the release of our new book “Bharat Gaurav” ,which salutes the great patriotic souls of India.”

Mr.Mehul Mediratta honored by the Education Minister, Mr.Ram Shankar Katharia for the outstanding release of our New Computer HelpBook, Foundation of Information Technology, Our well-known helpbook “General English”, and our dedicated effort towards patriotism, “Bharat Gaurav”.
“Mr. Mridul Mediratta honored by Rajasthan Minister , the Chairmain of MNPC and the member of British-South Africa Association.”
“Mr. Mehul Mediratta, CEO of JPH Books honored by Rajasthan Ministers for the dedicated effort “Bharat Gaurav” which gives a peek into the lives of great Indian souls. The event also highlighted the release of our new and intellectual computer book “Foundation of Information Technology.”